What is

Rett Syndrome?

After much consideration, Ryan and I have decided to put the 4th Annual Racing for Rett on hold until June 1, 2019.  

This year has been extremely busy with our daughter, Quinn.  We have received a lot of new recommendations regarding Quinn and would like to focus our energy and time on her therapies and doctor appointments.  

We are still very excited about next years race and already have the date planned!! 

If you would like to donate to Racing For Rett there is a donate button on the top of this page. 


If you are still interested in attending an event this year or donating to research we are helping host a fundraiser called Reverse Rett Kansas City: 


Thank you for your support and understanding! 

  • Debilitating neurological disorder that mainly affects females.
  • The leading cause of severe impairment in girls - most cannot speak, walk or use their hands.
  • As prevalent as Cystic Fibrosis, ALS, and Huntington's
  • Babies are born "normal" but begin to lose acquired skills between the ages of 1-3 years old. 
  • Symptoms may include: sleep problems, teeth grinding, difficulty chewing and swallowing, breathing difficulties, apnea, seizures, scoliosis, and heart abnormalities.